The concept for the Nu Mix group is something that originated from a continuing informal conversation around multiculturalism amongst a small group of friends. During the spring of 2010, Northeastern students Michaelle Larracuente, Jocelyn Coo, Mattie Loyce, Shana Eatman, Elena Montiero, Dezie Okpoebo, and Keli Gagen began discussing their unique multicultural and multiethnic backgrounds as a place of common ground and unity. Shortly after, joined by Andrea Lafontant and Melissa Las Fargeas, the group quickly recognized that this discussion was one that could be shared and supported by a large portion of the general population and especially within Northeastern University campus.

These women soon were inspired with the idea to create a university-wide organization that would provide a platform to discuss, express, share, enlighten, and encourage the Northeastern community to get involved directly with the idea of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is a concept that can be defined differently by each individual person given their life experiences and perspectives; the purpose of this group is to understand those differences as well as embrace the unity that comes from sharing them.

It took approximately one year of organizational preparation, networking, and personal growth to come this point but now the group is official! Nu Mix will be a group on campus for students, faculty, staff, friends, and family alike to join in events, media, networks, and discussion involving the meaning of multiculturalism and how it impacts each and every one of our lives.

If you are not on the Northeastern campus and still want to stay connected please follow the Nu Mix blog, Twitter, or Facebook group page to stay in the loop on events, news, discussions and more!

<3 The Nu Mix Family.