Melissa Las Fargeas
Psychology & Graphic Design '12

About me: I'm half French and half Haitian. I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY, and went to a French school my whole life. I speak English, French, and I'm really good with Spanish. I travel a lot and I love it; I also love music, singing, and dancing. I'm a psychology major with a minor in graphic design and I hope to work with teenagers and young adults in the future.


Vice President
Shana Eatman
International Affairs '12

About me: I am half Ethiopian and half German-American. I have minors in Anthropology, Environmental Studies & Political Science. I love to travel and learn about different cultures. Post grad, I hope to find a job where I can combine public health or public policy and make a difference in someones life (while having fun!)

Andrea Lafontant
Psychology Pre-med '12

Program Chair
Amber Hall
Health Science '15

About me: My name is Amber and am studying health science with a minor in human services and on the pre-physician assistant track. I am American with a diverse background: mainly Native American, part German, French, and English. I have always been interested in ethnicity and race. I hope to work in the health field as a PA in orthopedic surgery, in the military. I have always been interested in the connection between health and race and hope to explore this more working in human services/public health.

Community Service Liasion
Kaysha Bennett
Psychology '14

About Me: I am African American and Honduran. I was born in Rochester, NY and am majoring in Psychology and minoring in business. I have a twin brother and two younger brothers who are also twins. My favorite thing to do is to travel to different countries and learn about their communities and customs. Other things that I like to do which are more affordable include singing, dancing, listening to spoken word and thrift shopping. I love working with kids and hope to be a child psychologist in the future.

Vanshika Mehta

SGA Representative
Devin Duprey