Thursday, April 14, 2011


Panel 4: "Creating an Environment for Academic Success"
Thursday April 14, 2011 at 2:50pm
Amilcar Cabral Center (at the JDOAAI, Light Refreshments Served)
Marlyn Batista,Sophomore, Ujima Scholar
Silvia Domiguez, Assistant Professor, Sociology 
Richard Harris, Director, NU Programs in Multicultural Engineering 
Anthony Erwin, Senior Director, Univ. Financial Aid & Scholarships
Emmett Price, Chair, the Department of African-American Studies
David Winch, Director, We Care Program
The panel topic "Creating an Environment for Academic Success" will focus on the continuous effort in an increasingly multicultural and diverse environment to inspire students toward academic success at Northeastern University. As universities across the country strategize on adjusting to the rapidly changing demographics of their campuses, they also reconsider their model of what it means to help and support students in their efforts to be academically successful. 

The desire for maintaining and supporting campus diversity is sometimes perceived as being at odds with or mutually exclusive from the university's desire to attain a certain level excellence and success. The panelists will speak about, from their respective areas, the continuing effort to support students in their pursuit of excellence and success in conjunction with the goal of a culturally diverse campus.  
The Xplosaic Multicultural Speaker Series is a campus wide dialogue intended to inspire conversation related to the issue of multiculturalism and diversity on college campuses. The ultimate goal is to increase awareness of multicultural and diversity issues and to motivate participation and engagement by all of Northeastern's cultures and communities. The issues discussed will be germane to Northeastern University, but intended to embrace the concern of colleges and universities in general. The series includes four panels of Northeastern faculty members and administrators.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Thank you to everyone who came tonight :)
It was really fun and I think names were definitely learned and remembered!
Don't forget in TWO weeks we have the ANOMALY screening

There will again be snacks and whatnot so come hungry.

PS: Dancing Dezie, Playful Pedro, Mischievous Michaelle, Joyful Jocelyn, Musical Melissa, Delightful Dyani, Delightful Dexter, Laughing Luisa, Creative Cassie, Awesome Ashley, Kinnetic Kaitlyn, Lucky Laura, Respectful Rashida, Jumping Jayleese, Rebel Roxanne, Responsible Rebecca, Nice Nele...I hope I haven't forgotten any :p